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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the shelter ventilated?

The vents are made in the rolling lid half.  The shelter itself is not airtight and light can be seen around the entire lid when its closed.

How long does an install take?

Usually a one day process depending on the size shelter you order, between 5-8 hours.

What if I’m in the shelter and the entire house has collapsed?

The shelter is designed for ventilation should you have to wait for rescue.  The GPS coordinates of your shelter will be given to you to register with your local search and rescue organization as well as sent to the manufacturer so they can register them with FEMA.  The shelter comes with a 2 ton come-a-long to allow you to open the sliding lid should debris be on top.  We also know that friends and your neighbors will be aware of your shelter location and will know where to stat their rescue efforts.

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes our company and installers are both licensed as well as insured.

How is your shelter protected against corrosion?

Our shelters are welded both inside and out and are tested with dye penetrate.  They are then coal tar epoxied.  During install a magnesium anode is planted to draw rust and moisture away from the shelter itself.

Do you offer a warranty?

Our shelters come with a lifetime warranty from our manufacturer against leaking or floating.

Do your products meet FEMA 320 requirements?

Yes and in several cases they exceed the FEMA 320 requirements.

Do you offer financing?

YES  we have teamed with PayPal to offer two different options for financing.  Through them we will process your major credit cards to insure your  credit card security. We offer a Pay Me Later Option as well.  This option will allow you, through PayPal, to not make any payments and incur no financing fees if the total of your shelter is paid off within 6 months. To set up your PayPal account you can click here: (set up button) https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/home or if you have a PayPal Account you will be able to pay for your purchase as you order your shelter.

How do I get on your install list to hold my place?

Simply select the red Order Now button on our website and fill out your online contract.  This will generate a signed contract for you and for TSW.  A representative will then be in touch to coordinate and install of your shelter.  Depending on the time of year, this process could take a couple of weeks wait time.

Are you approved to participate in state FEMA rebate programs?

Yes we have been involved with these state rebate programs for several years.  We have successfully gotten our customers who have participated in these programs their rebates.  We do however have an extra fee of $250 for those participants.  The process requires more licenses and paperwork and we pass that cost on to the customer.  We are not the source to answer questions regarding these programs.  We simply comply with the regulations put out  by each state and get you a quality installed shelter.  These programs come and go so please check your states EMA website for details.

What if my car is parked over the shelter and the storm comes?

The design of our shelters is made so that you don’t have to move a standard wheel base vehicle out of the garage to enter the shelter.  If you drive 2 long wheel base vehicles and park both  in a 20 ft. garage, you would have to move one. We have found that most families park  at least one standard size vehicle in the garage and we suggest locating the shelter on that side.

How do you know what is under the garage slab?

We have installed over 1000 shelters in the last 11 years and we have not found any guaranteed answer to this question. We have learned that most municipalities do not allow anything to be ran under your garage slab. Our installers are trained to look at the site the day of the install and figure out the potential  for any lines that might have been run under your garage.  They specifically look for your plumbing clean outs and your water meter location.  If they foresee a problem they will point it out and discuss the shelter location with you accordingly.  We very  rarely encounter subgrade issues.  If a line is found during the excavation, a plumber is usually required at the customers cost, to be called out and reroute the line itself around the shelter. This usually is not a show stopper nor a large expense to you.

How about Rocks?   There are locations that we service that rock has been an issue.  Usually this just prolongs the install.  In the case of hitting a solid layer of rock, our installer will try to jack-hammer the excavation site.  If the installer has to rent a hydraulic jack hammer , this expense is passed on to you the customer.  Again, this has not been a huge issue in the locations we service.  We are looking into the possibility of drilling exploration holes prior to cutting slab in known rock locations.  Ask your installer if he feels this procedure is necessary if you know you live in a very rocky location.

What does TSW stand for?

The owners of TSW are two families that are neighbors.  They started the company in 2003 because the Two Scared Wives couldn’t live in a tornado region any longer without protection for their families.

How is a safe room anchored in my garage?

We use the Hilti Bolt Anchoring system. Each bolt can withstand 10,000 pounds of pressure. The safe room has been impacted tested at Texas Tech University.  

What type steel is used in the construction of the safe rooms?

1/4” Plate Steel.  Each safe room carries a life time warranty.

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